A Day In The Life

A counselor at Camp Wayne has a difficult but extremely rewarding job. Having a positive impact on a child’s life is the result of dedication and hard work. You have two main responsibilities during the day. First and foremost is your responsibility as a bunk counselor. You and your co-counselors lead the group of boys living in your bunk. Campers and counselors eat meals together, participate in evening activities together and enjoy downtimes where the real friendships take shape. Before you know it, you and your boys will become “Brothers for Life.”

The second responsibility is the role of specialist in your area of expertise. As a specialist, you have the opportunity to instruct campers of all ages in an activity that you have been specifically hired to teach. In addition, many counselors working in our athletic program have the chance to coach intercamp teams throughout the summer.

Our staff is very important to us. Everyone works diligently to teach, supervise and counsel our campers. We, as Directors, recognize our counselors efforts and plan a variety of co-ed activities to make the summer experience enjoyable and exciting for everyone. Staff activities have included bowling parties, staff luau, square dance parties, movie nights, casino night and basketball, soccer, and hockey games against staff from other camps.