Competition at Camp

The sports program at Camp Wayne is instruction-based, with an emphasis on participation and the fun that comes along with the game. Campers have the opportunity to play on intracamp and intercamp teams throughout the summer.

  • We don’t have team tryouts, except for golf and tennis.
  • Campers can play on multiple teams.
  • Campers can opt for no intercamp competition at all.
  • We don’t give trophies or awards for athletic achievements.

Regardless of athletic ability, all campers have the opportunity to participate. Our goal is for each and every camper to walk off the field feeling good about himself… something that can’t happen when a name is left off the team roster. Many of us have been there, and we know how it feels to be excluded.

We understand that competition is a natural part of every child’s development. On the ball fields, we focus on the excitement of building new skills and encourage campers to try their best. Win or lose, the focus is being a team player and having fun.