Food & Nutrition

Providing our campers with a great food service is an important part of our day. In addition to being a time to relax with friends, meals at camp ensure that campers have the nutrition they need to keep their energy levels going strong all day long.

All campers eat together, by bunk with their counselors, in our bright, air-conditioned dining room overlooking the lake. Camp Wayne provides a menu of healthy and delicious kid-friendly meals. Our Food Service Director makes the necessary accommodations for food allergies and dietary restrictions (see below for more information) and helps to make sure each child consumes a diet that is adequate, balanced and varied.

Breakfast is served buffet-style. A typical energizing breakfast includes hot and cold cereals, a hot entree such as pancakes, waffles, eggs or french toast. The breakfast bar has fresh cut fruit, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, bagels, lox, whitefish salad, juices and hot chocolate.

Lunches and dinners are served family-style, and include items like homemade soup with grilled cheese, barbecued chicken and ribs, brisket, roast turkey, spaghetti with meatballs, teriyaki chicken, sliced steak with curly fries and chicken nuggets. In addition to the hot meal, there are salad bars, pasta bars and a deli bar every lunch and dinner. We serve fresh fruit for dessert at lunch and something sweet to finish off the dinner meal.

Mid-morning, afternoon and evening snacks are also served….we knows boys never have enough to eat. Fruit is available throughout the day, so grab an apple and go!


Nut Allergy Policy

Our “nut sensitive” policy ensures a safe food service experience for our campers with nut allergies. We do NOT serve any food items that contain nuts nor do we buy any products that may contain traces of nuts. In addition to a food service staff trained in safe food handling and allergy protocols, our counselors are provided with allergy information for all campers in their bunk. This is especially important as our campers will take trips out of camp. First aid kits accompany campers on all out of camp trips and include an Epi pen.  

Parents are reminded of our nut policy before the first day of camp and again before Visiting Day in order to keep nut products out of camp. On Visiting Day, a bin is set up near the parking lot where parents can dispose of any nut products accidentally brought to camp.

Dietary Restrictions

Our food service team is also able to accommodate campers who have dietary restrictions such as vegetarians, diabetics and those with Celiac disease. If your son has any dietary restrictions, we encourage you to contact us to discuss his needs.