Packing for Camp

You will receive a catalog from The Camp Spot, our official camp outfitter with a suggested packing list. This catalog will be a big help as you start to pack for the summer. Don’t forget to label EVERYTHING! That includes clothing, sports equipment, shoes and hats.

We are not a uniform camp, but each camper will need to have a few Camp Wayne items for out of camp trips and games. These required items will be highlighted in the catalog.

Ordering with The Camp Spot is easy and can be done in a few different ways:

  • Online at where there will be a customized Camp Wayne for Boys web store for you to view all of our required and optional logo items
  • Via the Camp Spot order form, which you will find in the catalog
  • At a Camp Spot road show (locations and schedule will be in the catalog) where your child can try on the clothing and you can place your order with them directly
  • Visit the Camp Spot showroom in Livingston, NJ
  • A packing list will be included in the Camp Spot catalog, which is mailed in the winter. The list can also be found in Forms & Documents once logged in to your CampMinder account.

You may also use The Camp Spot to help you shop for other clothing and equipment that your child will need for camp.

What Not To Pack:

  • Any electronic device with a camera
  • Any electronic device with the capability to play games, videos and/or connect to the internet. Even if these features are disabled, these items are still not permitted at camp.
  • Expensive clothing, equipment, jewelry, etc…
  • Playing cards
  • Wheelies (sneakers with wheels)
  • Knives
  • Flammables (Fireworks, matches, lighters)
  • Cell Phones, except for campers who have completed 7th grade and up. They will call home using their cell phones at designated times during the summer. Phones will be kept in the office.
  • Televisions
  • Food
  • Cash (There’s nothing to spend money on at camp, and lost money cannot be replaced.)