Leadership Program

While our campers look forward to all of the exciting activities, we know the real benefit of the camp experience comes from the life skills and values learned in an overnight camp setting. Our staff appreciates the incredible opportunity we have to positively impact your son’s personal growth and development. Camp teaches independence, communication and teamwork and strengthens values that they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Leadership Program is designed to teach and reinforce the values that we all hold dear. Campers and staff focus on a “Value of the Week” like inclusion, patience and sportsmanship. Every Sunday night we have a Leadership Lineup, where we recognize campers and counselors for demonstrating these important values. Each honored individual is called up in front of the entire camp and receives a Leadership Bracelet. It’s a great feeling to be acknowledged by your peers.

The values and life skills that your son will come home with at the end of the summer are much more important than his accomplishments on the fields of play.