Campers visit the Canteen throughout the summer approximately twice a week. If it were up to them, the boys would be lined up at the Canteen everyday. Why you ask? Well, the Canteen is like a little candy store with candy, drinks, and ice cream (all nut free). Now you know why we have a set schedule. Canteen is included in the tuition. Campers need to write a letter home to get their treat. If you can think of a better way to ensure that your son will write home, we’re all ears.

Our nut-free policy in the dining room extends to the Canteen where all items available are safe for children with nut allergies.

Campers will also visit the Canteen for our famous ice cream flurries. Flurries are a popular prize for winners of special events throughout the summer. The winners of our weekly inspection lineups can also win flurries…talk about a great incentive for keeping the bunks clean!