First Day of Camp

Most first time campers want to know what’s going to happen when the bus pulls into camp on day one. Who will be there? How will I know where to go? How will I meet my bunkmates and counselors? The description below will answer just about all of their questions and will go a long way in helping to ease those first day jitters.

The bus ride to camp is a great way to get the summer started. You’ll have a chance to meet lots of other campers, many of whom will be coming for the first time, just like you. When the bus pulls into camp you’re going to see tons of staff members in buff and blue shirts with name tags waving and clapping as the campers step off the bus. These staff members will have been at camp for more than a week getting ready for this day, so they’re going to be just as excited as you. As you walk off the bus, a staff member will tell you what bunk you’re in and a counselor will escort you to your bunk. The counselor will also help you with any bags you brought on the bus.

When you walk into the bunk, you’ll meet your bunkmates along with your counselors. You’ll quickly identify your bed as it will already be made with a favorite blanket from home. In addition to your bed being made, all of your bags will have been unpacked with your clothing put away in the cubby area in the rear of the bunk. You will have several cubbies labeled with your name. (Note: campers who have completed the sixth grade and up will unpack their own bags). In the back of the bunk, you’ll see the sinks, toilets and private stall showers.

With everything unpacked for you, there’s only one thing left to do…and that’s the reason you came to camp in the first place…PLAY and have FUN! While we are waiting for the last bus to pull in, you’ll be playing outside your bunk (maybe a little basketball, ping pong or having a catch) with your counselors and new friends. Once everyone has arrived, the entire bunk will go on a tour of the camp, so you will know your way around camp in no time.

Just before dinner, the entire camp will enjoy the Opening Ceremony, where all first time campers are introduced to the camp. After the Opening Ceremony everyone in the bunk will head into the dining room for your first meal of the summer. Be prepared for lots of singing and fun games at the table.

After dinner, there will be a short Free Play followed by an exciting evening activity with your group. The first few evening activities of the summer are all about getting to know your bunkmates and counselors.

Reveille will sound at 7:45 the next morning and we’ll be off and running.