Electronics Policy

Electronic devices with a camera are not permitted at camp. The ease with which pictures can be shared on social media presents a privacy concern in the bunk setting. If a camper has an interest in photography we can store his camera at camp to use outside of the bunk.

Electronic devices with the capability to play games, videos, and/or connect to the internet are not permitted to camp even if these features are disabled. These items discourage the positive interactions in the bunk that are a big part of the camp experience. The “downtimes” at camp are a great opportunity for campers to shape the strong bonds that we expect to form at camp. Campers who are “tuned out” are missing out on this. Camp offers our children a chance to enjoy a simple and uncomplicated environment where we value personal interaction, creativity and communication. We know you’d agree that less “screen time” is in the best interest of your child.

Please see “Cell Phone Policy” in Parent 101 section for information on cell phones.