Spending Money

Our campers always look forward to the exciting day and overnight trips that we plan each summer. Our older campers have a more extensive trip schedule, with multiple overnight excursions.

All families are billed for trip and spending money charges before the summer. Campers will receive their spending money during their trips out of camp. We set aside a designated amount of spending money for each trip to ensure that campers always have money for souvenirs, regardless of how many trips they take out of camp. For example, a $70 spending money charge for a third grader would be distributed as follows:

  • $20 for Binghamton Mets baseball game
  • $30 for day trip to Dorney Park
  • $10 for Bowling Night
  • $10 for Bunk Day

Families who wish to send their son to camp with additional spending money should do so in the form of personal checks. Personal checks should be made payable to your child and can be cashed in the office before his trip. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Campers do not have an opportunity to spend money at camp, so there’s no reason to have cash. We cannot be responsible for misplaced cash.