We do laundry at camp every four days. The laundry gets picked up from the bunk area in the morning and is returned neatly folded to the bunk the following day. It is very important that all your son’s clothing and equipment be labeled with his full name.

Linens are laundered once a week. The extra set of linens (sheets and pillow case) that you send to camp will be used at this time.

Campers who have completed the 8th grade and above have access to a coin operated laundry room if they would like to do their own laundry. If your son is planning on doing his own laundry, be sure to send detergent and a few rolls of quarters to camp. Campers can always get change in the office. If you have an older camper who chooses to do his own laundry at camp, we suggest that he continues to do his laundry when he gets home in August…we wouldn’t want him to forget those important skills.