Special Events

To add variety, spirit and excitement to our daily program, we schedule special events on Mondays and Thursdays. Camper favorites include Carnival (co-ed), Scavenger Hunt, Super League Day (Biddy Basketball, Little League Baseball and Flag Football), Amazing Race, Olympics and Shark Tank. Most of these activities involve the entire camp where younger campers are teamed up with older campers. This give our older campers leadership opportunities and ensures that camp traditions stay strong.

Color War, lasting four days at the end of camp, is a decades-long tradition that goes down in history each and every year. The “one, two, three, four we want Color War” chant can be heard throughout the summer. After a surprise break, the spirit level soars right through to Sing Night where each team presents an entrance song, fight song, alma mater, junior plaque, senior plaque and banner. The battle between Buff and Blue is the ideal culmination of the skills and sportsmanship the campers learned during the summer.